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USC Election Fall 2018

SUNY Koreaㅣ2018-09-27 17:53

On September 20, 2018, there was an election for new USC members. The vote was held at academic building A, on the first floor, from 9 AM to 5 PM. There were several candidates who ran for department senators, student council members, and incoming freshmen representatives (9, 5, and 2 respectively). Voting booths like those held in governmental elections were used to allow for anonymous submission of votes. 

Candidates were allowed to campaign publicly for two to three days to demonstrate their capacity for leadership and service. Stephanie Jin and Sang Uk Lee, candidates for USC vice president and president, made posters that were hung on every bulletin board in the school. Other candidates publicized themselves using SNS.

Students’ reaction to the election was outstanding. Sooyon Chang, for example, who majors in MEC, mentioned that she was glad to participate in an election that chooses future leaders for SUNY Korea. She hopes for a better school and has no doubt that candidates who keep their promises will make it happen. 

While most students were satisfied with the election process, some students complained that promotion of the candidates was not extensive enough. Jisu Jung, majoring in TSM, mentioned that while she was satisfied with the voting booth, she was not satisfied with the lack of publicity which prevented an understanding of candidates.

We hope that the candidates who are elected, as well as the student body who made this election possible, will have strong responsibility to move SUNY Korea forward.

Editor : Hojung Lim